there are so many unsatisfying faqs in matters of art, that nobody will be able for ever to answer all that finally. neither in an exhaustively way of breathing nor by an exessive vein-storming. and so this venusian wonder-system will remain a more or less esthetical open secret for the rest of our life, i hope. but: we will try to find a matching plug-in to connect to this black mysterious hole and we should never give up to explore this again and again, curious of what there may cum to us when we start to pass through this lovely channel of abstract reacting mind-pulses: sometimes that is a discrete, but nevertheless a successfull cosmic eja-culture to our inner ready-to-receive worlds. (and your-s) greetings 42 - artist-s from hamburg / berlin / (germany) & other places

well cum 2


abstract reacting mind-pulse
living man's romance with the fantastic death of any art :)