virtual walls

prisoned by crawlers of the past. – what about ghosts of the past and their effects?

The past is a difficult thing to process, when we have already selected out the memories to keep. Often, these are negative memories — the ones that told you you weren’t good enough, couldn’t achieve, or hemmed you in. Why is that?


another one

I raise my head in a touchy situation
Mr. Skin know where you been
Yes, I make my bed in the heart of the nation
Mr. Skin know where you been

I know its a trick of human love
To make all the people holler
Said I’m lookin’ out for that woman
Instead of reachin’ out for that dollar

I’m rollin’ flowin’ through the whole population
Mr. Skin know where you been
The high and the low but all my friends are relations
Mr. Skin know where you been

I can bring you pain
I can bring you sudden pleasure
Your life will only gain
If your love is the final measure

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